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Who decides what champions wear?

Whoever does should choose high quality, comfortable, breathable Pro Jerseys from WARSHIRTS - because a comfortable Gamer makes a better Gamer! GOML

Made in Germany

Quality Guaranteed, Low M.O.Q. and Fastest Delivery possible

Quality Fabric

PRO Sportswear

Dri Fit Microfiber

Quality Print

No fading or bleeding



Your Brand

Made to measure and to represent You

Original Design

Individually designed for Your Brand, Style and Stream

Sponsorship & Endorsements

Available for select Streamers, Influencers and Teams


Imagine having your own line of designer jerseys and merch for yourself and your fans. Then Warshirts is your destination and here's the process:

from our shop 

Every WWT event offers the chance to win your own branded, custom-designed WARSHIRTS Jersey. So sign up and join the competition.

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