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WWT hosts events for Streamers that are tailored to your content, allowing you to earn extra money, give away prizes, gain subscribers, get ideas for new content for your channel, and have fun with your fans.

it's free! it's fire 🔥🔥!

Perks for You as a Streamer

Have fun

Exciting Games and Prizes + Content

Fun and live events that inspire your streaming. Cool gifts, rewards and giveaways.

New Subs

Compete against Peers and Iconic Streamers

Opportunity to be a part of something bigger, to stand out and shine - get discovered

Stand Out

No Business like Show Business

Show your talent  to get endorsement deals and attract the right Sponsors

There are many more reasons to join WWT, whether you're an established streamer or a new content creator, sign up and see what opportunities are available to you.


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