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Trial 1 - First WWT Event

Updated: Oct 18, 2021

Maxi Mod - Pimp Your Rig

Do you have a setup that can turn everyone green, red, or both (aside from the blinking LEDs)? Show off and compete with your Rig in the WWT MAXI MOD EVENT!

What is WWT?

The Warshirts Weekly Trials (WWT) is a multiple event competition for streamers, gamers, content creators and their followers. WWT is a ten-week competition with ten different events that allows everyone to compete, meet like-minded individuals from the community, make invaluable connections, win prizes and have fun!!

What is a MOD RIG?

A case mod is a modification to a PC case or the chassis of a game console. Modding is often done to show off a computer's capability by displaying the internal hardware, as well as to make it look aesthetically pleasing to the owner.

Cases can also be modified to improve a PC's performance; this is typically associated with cooling and involves adjustments to both the components and the case.

This competition is FREE for ALL!

Some WWT Events are specifically for Streamers and Content Creators since they require a platform or audience to interact with - MAXI MOD, however, is open for everyone!

How to take part in the MAXI MOD Event

All you have to do is sign up and register as a participant then post your rig on Twitter or Instagram in the allocated timeframe, add the required hashtags (so that we can find you) and wait for the results. The rig with the most likes wins!

Only the Master Race need apply, right?

Nope! Anyone with an impressive or creative setup is welcome to participate, consoles, handhelds are welcome, technically even a modded mobile phone could win the MAXI MOD. It's all about likes! 👍💖

Rally your friends and fans to help you in elevating your MAXI MOD Submission and become the first ever MAXI MOD MONSTER.

For more information about the Event - visit the Maxi Mod Page on

PS! Here's a hint for the next WWT Challenge:

An image, video, text, etc., that is quickly copied and spread by internet users, often with minor alterations.


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