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Memefication - How to make a MEME

What is a MEME?

Richard Dawkins, a British evolutionary biologist, coined the term meme (from the Greek mimema, meaning "imitated") in his 1976 book The Selfish Gene.

A MEME is defined as an image, video, text, or other piece of media that is typically humorous in nature and is quickly copied and spread by internet users, often with minor variations. The MEME is a quick and effective way to convey a message or idea and has become the way we communicate in WWT so we decided to include it in our competition.

How to create a MEME?

You don't have to know Adobe Photoshop to create cool MEMES, there are plenty of FREE resources online that you can use. The top ones we would be:

IMGFLIP (Meme Generator)

Works in your browser, you can find classic and popular MEMES that you can use and caption or upload your own templates and add images. Super easy to use and a simple interface but gets the job done.

KAPWING (Meme Maker)

Works in your browser, offers a wide selection of MEMES including trending ones (which is cool). It's an advanced interface that can seem a bit intimidating at first but offers plenty of possibilities for customization, you can even create animated MEMES, add sounds and exports in several different formats.

WWT is currently holding a MEME Competition

If you haven't heard, WWT is a competition for streamers, gamers and influencers that runs for ten weeks. The second competition is MEMEFICATION, to participate:

  • Sign up with WWT.

  • Download any or all of the assets from the MEMEFICATION page

  • Create a meme using the said assets

  • Post your MEMES on your social media using the hashtags #WeeklyTrials #WWTmeme

  • ​The finalists will be chosen by WWT based on content and virality

Join now, the event is free-for-all to participate!


Unlike MEMEFICATION and MAXIMOD, the DEBOX™ Event is a competition exclusively for streamers and influencers that require a bit of creativity and an audience, and offers amazing prizes from LOOTCHEST. Not everyone is eligible to participate but there are still prizes to be won by viewing and interacting in the live streams of the participating contestants. Find out more on .

Good luck! Have fun!

The WWT Team


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