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WWT - a fun event for Gamers, Nerds and Showoffs.

Updated: Aug 22, 2021

When streamers, gamers, and content creators come together to compete for rewards and fame, anything is possible and it's sure to be entertaining.

WWT - Warshirts Weekly Trials

Warshirts will hold a total of Ten Weekly Trials for Gamers, Streamers, and Content Creators. Each event will be unique, allowing everyone to show off their skills and knowledge. This unique competition for the new age of entertainers will provide hours of online viewing pleasure.

It's still very hush-hush

Warshirts refuses to reveal too much at this time because it would jeopardise the competition but, in true Warshirt fashion, they've scattered hints and clues (a.k.a. easter eggs) throughout the sites and social media platforms - here's a hint to get you started: it's really all about engagement, so get engaging! Don't forget to sign-up, like, share and subscribe, etc. and not only for updates and more clues...

Happy hunting!

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