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WWT are multi-event competitions for influencers, gamers, and streamers. Ten weeks of events that will make ripples across the online communities and beyond.


Brand awareness

Be seen clearly with the most impact

​Your brand will get a dedicated landing page and appear on all sponsored event pages.

Better Ad Exposure

Be a part of the event promotion

Recognize that SMM is probably the least effective way to reach this target demographic.

Products in focus

Make your brand part of the content

WWT Events demand product interaction  - great for introducing to a target niche.

Viral Content

User generated content with organic reach

Participants are encouraged to develop original content that can promote your brand.

Bumper to bumper

Generating online traffic to your site

WWT Events provide sponsors new options to draw people to their websites.

Offline Visitors

Reroute queues to your offline Operations

WWT events provide creative ways to drive foot traffic to your brick and mortar business.

New Alliances

Appoint your brand Ambassador

WWT is a great opportunity to find talent that fits your brand and budget.

There are more reasons to partner with WWT, let us tell You about them and create a solution that fits your brand.

Benefits for Partners

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