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Badges Make All the Difference.

Badges play an important role in WWT because the more badges you have, the more likely you are to win. For example, during sweepstakes weeks, badges are required to participate.

Badges can be obtained by taking part in activities, winning prizes, and completing tasks. They can also be found (as Easter Eggs) on this site, the sites of our sponsors, and our social media platforms. Happy hunting!

Sign up now to earn your first badge!
Do the Trials, Earn the Badges.

Top Badge Earners


Olivia Walker


Dan Mitchell


Noah Patterson


Tess Anderson

Show me your badge

Don't turn in your badge 😅 because you didn't win or get a chance to compete in the latest Trial; the fun is ongoing, there are badges all over the place, and you still have a chance to earn more before the Sweepstakes.

In fact, there's a badge hidden on this page...

Can you find it? 😋

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How to earn badges in the Weekly Trials?
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Each Badge is a Victory.


You get a badge for signing up, you get a badge for filling in your profile and there's hidden badges everywhere.


Each Trial is different. Some are for everyone, others you need to qualify but there's always badges to collect.


Promote your own post or the submission of your favorite team, streamer, or gamer. There's a badge in it for you!


Search and find the Badges.



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